MillPlus IT-The powerful contouring control

The MillPlus IT is a workshop-oriented contouring control for milling, drilling and boring machines as well as machining centers.

The continuing development of the MillPlus IT ensures it adapts to the modern requirements for tool and die making, as well as requirements for machining centers in interlinked production environments. The MillPlus IT offers a wide variety of functions, particularly for 5-axes machines, capable of machining complex 3D contours.
The integrated digital drive control enables the MillPlus IT to machine at high velocity, with high accuracy, while maintaining surface quality.

Programming can take place behind the machine or behind a programming station in the office. The MillPlus IT programming station offers all the functions available at the machine, including on-line documentation.

With the MillPlus IT V600 new standards are set regarding ease of operation, functionality and performance.

MillPlus IT V600-03 enhanced with new functions

MillPlus IT V610-01 enhanced with new functions

  MillPlus IT V610
  • Based at latest hardware

  • All interfaces are completely digital

  • Very fast and comfortable operation

  • Ongoing development of the V600