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  Contouring control for milling machines and machining centers


The MillPlus IT is a custom-made contouring control for milling, drilling and boring machines, as well as for machining centers. The shop-oriented programmability, the compatibility with programs of the predecessor models, the simple and user-friendly operation, and the communication possibilities enable the MillPlus IT to be optimally adapted to the organization of your company.

Whether mold making, in the shop, or actual production, the MillPlus IT numeric control manages all aspects of all applications from a simple milled part to integrated lathe machining to complex 5-axis machining operations.

The MillPlus IT permits automated machining of different workpieces, which are loaded via pallets in any sequence you program. The appropriate machining programs as well as datum shifts are assigned as programmed.

The MillPlus IT is available in two versions: Single-processor version, responsible for all tasks of an NC. Dual-processor version, with an additional PC operating system (Windows 2000).

Turning with the MillPlus IT

The integration of turning functions into a milling control permits multi-operation machining on machine tools with milling/ rotary tables. The combination of milling and lathe machining in a single fixture assures high accuracy and also saves time. The lathe machining can take advantage of an integrated balancing cycle, constant cutting speed, lathe-tool compensation, and switching from milling to lathe operation, as well as all machining cycles.






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