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New features from V530 onwards.

Programming station: WinShape

Winshape is a programming system, that simulates the MillPlus control on a standard PC. With this you can create, test and optimise your NC-programs, separately from the machine tool.


After downloading you can start the installation by double-clicking the downloaded file (msi-file). Follow the on-screen instructions. During installation (even when you selected another directory for the installation), a directory C:\WinShape with sub-directories is made. You can change this directory after the installation by selecting "Change WinShape work drive" from the WinShape menu under "Start → Programs".

During starting WinShape for the first time, default machine constants are loaded. Changes in the machine constants are maintained and are automatically loaded when WinShape is restarted. To obtain the original machine constants, "load default MC's" can be selected from the WinShape menu under "Start → Programs".

It is possible to simulate your machine tool configuration in WinShape by using the machine constantes (MC).

Starting WinShape:

"Start MillPlus IT" from the menu WinShape under "Start → Programs".

Here also the CNC-language can be selected.


Exiting WinShape:

With ALT+F4 or via "Shutdown MillPlus IT" from the menu WinShape under "Start → Programs".


The minimum system requirements for WinShape are:

  • 400 MHz processor

  • 256 MByte memory

  • 25 MByte of free memory space on the harddisk

  • 1024x768 (of higher) screen resolution

  • WinShape only works under Windows 2000/XP 32 bit or Windows7

Note that the free version of WinShape does only allow to store the programs first 100 lines. Storing of all changes is only possible with a USB dongle.



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